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With over 13 years of experience, we provide professional commercial and residential door repair, installation and replacement in Austin and the Central Texas area. Have questions? Ready to get started? Call us today at (512) 363-3700.

Industry Leader

We’ve been in the business for 13+ years, and have been a leader in the field ever since. 

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Cutting corners is not an option. We do everything as thoroughly as possible, from beginning to the end. No excuses. No shortcuts.

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Always strive for excellence. That’s our motto, and our experience.

Door Install, Door Repair, Door Replacement

A door is one of the most important features of a home or business, and we believe it’s important that your door fits perfectly. That means sealing in cool air in the summer, shutting out cold in the winter and offering you protection in the event of an emergency year-round. Contact us for commercia or residential service.

    Why choose 24 HR Door Repair?

    • Available seven days a week for your convenience.
    • We proudly offer free estimates to prospective customers.
    • We carry a vast inventory of doors to choose from and offer full service on any type of interior, exterior, front or back door in Austin and the Central Texas area.
    • Providing superior door service for over 13 years. 

    We can install, repair or replace many types of doors

    Interior Doors, Exterior Doors, Sliding Glass Doors, Screen Doors, Storm Doors, French Doors, Pocket Doors, Closet Doors, Front & Back Doors, Door Frames and more.

    Steel Door Install Austin TX

    Hardware Installation and Replacement

    Door Closers

    We install, repair and replace door closers for commercial doors. Is your door not shutting properly? Or shutting too hard? Or not shutting at all? Let us take a look at it for you. Have questions? Call us at 512-363-3700.

    Pivots and Hinges

    Your door needs the right parts, and they need them to be working properly. I fix and replace door pivots and hinges. If your door is not opening properly we’ll do whatever it takes to get it working again. Have questions? Call us at 512-363-3700.


    “Weatherstripping” means “energy savings”. If your door lacks weather stripping or the weather stripping is falling apart, it’s probably time to get some new weather stripping. We install and replace weatherstripping on all doors. Don’t let your customers feel a cold breeze in the winter and make sure you keep your cool air in during the summer. Have questions? Call us at 512-363-3700.

    Door Handles

    We fix and install door handles for commercial and residential doors. Is your handle broken and needing repair? Is it outdated and needing an upgrade? Have questions? Call us at 512-363-3700.


    Does your door need a new threshold? We install and fix thresholds for all doors. We can get a custom solution for your door to give it the right fit, and the right look. Have questions? Call us at 512-363-3700.

    Client Testimonials

    “I've used Jon for over 10 years for all of our facilities and maintenance on steel doors and glass doors at our commercial property"

    Aaron H.

    "I started using Jon to solve some of our patio door issues at some of my residential rental properties. He is really knowledgeable and honest which is hard to find these days."

    Barbara S.

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